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Part #:511427

Flexovit SPECIALIST Type 27 Combination Wheels are designed to optimize cutting/grinding performance on particular materials. Flexovit offers 4 specifications, including a free cutting stainless wheel, a heavy duty concrete cutting wheel, a special wheel for pipeline applications, and a foundry specification. Heavy Duty - C24/30P Made with silicon carbide grain, these wheels offer fast cutting/grinding on concrete, masonry, and nonferrous metal applications.
$36.16 MSRP $28.75
Part #:511483

For maximum versatility these blades are designed for dry or wet cutting on masonry saws, high speed saws, and concrete saws. These jumbo segmented blades offer excellent performance on asphalt, green concrete, brick, block, concrete pavers, marble, stone, granite and ductile iron pipe. Premium - HSCM-HD Cuts all types of material and is designed for fast cutting performance.
$225.98 MSRP $179.65
Part #:511414

For dry or wet cutting operations using angle grinders, circular saws, and tile saws. For cool, fast cutting in concrete, brick, marble, stone, tile and other masonry materials. Standard - SDSG-ST A fast cutting, multi-application blade for cutting concrete and masonry, at an economical price.
$15.16 MSRP $12.05
Part #:508731

Flexovit HIGH PERFORMANCE Circular Saw Wheels are the hardest working silicon carbide (concrete/masonry cutting) wheels available. Heavy Duty - C30UB64 Quick cuts on concrete, brick, block and other masonry products. (Dia indicates Diamond Shaped Arbor.)
$6.42 MSRP $5.10
Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7 Matching Items