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The fluorocarbon-coated bolt that outperforms ordinary bolts. -Reduced friction -Predictably uniform loading -Superior chemical resistance -Often reusable Stand-Cote bolts provide increased service, economy and safety, even in corrosive atmospheres which would drastically reduce the life of ordinary bolts. Extensive laboratory testing and 5 years of field use have proven that Stand-Cote SC-1 outlasts galvanized, cadmium-plated, aluminized and molybdenum-disulphide-coated fasteners through a temperature range of -400&degF to +500&degF and in a wide variety of environments. In many ways, Stand-Cote may match or exceed the long-life corrosion resistance of stainless steel, at a considerably reduced cost, while retaining the higher strength of alloy steel. Stand-Cote&rsquos ceramic-filled, baked-on PTFE fluorocarbon resin coating includes a permanent lubricant which inhibits galling of threads on the bolt. This enables Stand-Cote to maintain a low coefficient of friction in both make-up and break-out operations. The protective SC-1 coating resists hydrogen embrittlement and is generally unaffected by the chemical conditions found in most oilfield services and chemical plants. Make-up and break-out time are drastically reduced by 50-60%, and Stand-Cote bolts can usually be removed with standard hand tools. This makes Stand-Cote the ideal choice in situations where torch-cutting is prohibited.The unique ability to perform predictably and uniformly over a wide range of conditions distinguishes the Stand-Cote bolt from all others.
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Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2 Matching Items