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OVERVIEW Stay trim and powerful in the danger zone. With Class I II III Division 1 certification, 117 blinding bright lumens, and a true penlight size and shape, the new Pelican&trade 1975 penlight is the slimmest and brightest safety approved penlight. Engineered with an aluminum core and ABS overmolded plastic, the Pelican&trade 1975 penlight can survive tough work environments, yet is slim enough to snap into the available helmet mount or hold with your teeth. The Pelican&trade 1975 penlight activates with a click of the tail switch or light pressure for momentary use. The Pelican&trade 1975 penlight Make danger your pen pal. Item Code 019750-0100-245
$317.40 MSRP $ 208.98
Displaying: 1 - 1 of 1 Matching Items