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B-12 CHEMTOOL&reg Carburetor/Choke Cleaner, 16 oz Aerosol Can UPC 075894001174 Berryman&reg B-12 CHEMTOOL&reg Carburetor/Choke CleanersProduct DetailsCleans petroleum residue from fuel system, fuel injector, valves, rings and pistonsDisperses moistureGreat for use on oil returns, lifters, PCV valves, and oil pump screensUtilizes High Energy Solvent TechnologyRegular use ensures higher compression, fewer repairs, lower operation costs and increased spark plug and injector lifeTesting and ApprovalsLabeling Requirements of 16 CFR 1500 by the Federal Hazardous Substances ActRestricted StatesCA,CT,DC,DE,IL,IN,MA,MD,ME,MI,NH,NJ,NY,OH,PA,RI,VA,UT
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