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Part #:729-2576-20
M12&trade TRAPSNAKE&trade 6' Toilet Auger (Tool Only) (Discontinued, Replaced by 2576-21) Our M12&trade TRAPSNAKE&trade 6 ft. Toilet Auger is the ideal solution for service plumbers and maintenance crews to unclog toilets and floor traps. The M12&trade TRAPSNAKE&trade Driver is the first powered unit optimized for the challenges of porcelain fixtures, delivering the power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps. Optimized electronics protect the fixture from the auger and allow you to feel when engaged with a blockage to aid in retrieving. The MILWAUKEE&reg toilet auger features many industry-firsts, including a fixed rubber boot for maximum porcelain protection, an integrated locking mechanism to hold the cable in place for easy telescoping extension and replaceable cables to maximize the longevity of the tool. As part of the TRAPSNAKE&trade Porcelain Auger System, you can interchange the M12&trade TRAPSNAKE&trade Driver with the auger handle or use it with other auger attachments for versatility and capabilities never seen before in a toilet auger.
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