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Damp Mop is a no-rinse floor cleaner concentrate that reduces the time and labor cost of daily maintenance for high-gloss floors. Fast drying, Damp Mop quickly and effortlessly removes dirt and other surface soils in heavily-trafficked areas and leaves no residue or haze to dull floor finish. With a pleasant lemon fragrance, Damp Mop is also biodegradable and phosphate-free. Distribution # B2270227 Customer # 511444 Manufacturer # 301604
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KIMWIPES Lens Cleaning, 16oz Spray, 4 2/5 X 8 1/2, 1120 Wipes/Box, 4/Carton KCC34644 This disposable, self-contained lens cleaning system &ndash with both spray cleaner and wipes &ndash is ideal anywhere glasses or safety lenses are worn. Includes a convenient spray bottle of anti-static, anti-fog, silicone-free cleaning solution to remove dirt quickly and easily. Included wipers are designed for lenses and won't scratch delicate surfaces when used wet. The Pop-Up Box delivery system is designed to easily dispense one wiper at a time.
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Bleach Floor Cleaner Packets, 2.2oz Packets, 45/Carton PGC02010 A heavy-duty powder floor cleaner with the power of bleach built in. Two-in-one cleaning and sanitation saves time and labor. Single-dose concentrated packets each make four gallons of cleaning product.
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Cleaner, Disinfectant, Deodorant, and Fungicide Cannot reorder once inventory is gone
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Ammoniated glass cleaner that quickly dries and leaves a streak-free shine on mirrors, windows and glass. Concentrated formulations deliver excellent cleaning performance for just pennies per diluted gallon. Ready to use formula makes cleaning easy. Cuts through grease, grime, soap films, finger marks, and smoke film. Can be used on glass and many washable surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, sinks, bathroom fixtures and laminate surfaces such as countertops. Do not use on copper or brass as repeated use may discolor these surfaces. Ideal for schools, offices, break rooms, day care centers, restaurants and other commercial facilities. Professional strength formula for jobs big and small.
$ 59.75 CASE
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