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Part #:506162

0 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 0 Grade - Smooth &amp Finish Scour pots, pans &amp utensils Smooth lacquer &amp varnishes Remove finishes from antiques &amp fine woodwork Clean whitewall tires with cleaning agent Clean roofs before soldering Product Details Fine/Smooth &amp FinishPack of 16
Part #:500987

4 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 4 Grade - Heavy Duty Clean car engines and heavy machinery Strip paint from exterior woodwork Remove the most difficult paint, varnish, rust and dirt from a variety of surfaces
Part #:506157

0000 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 0000 Grade - Final Finish Smooth shellac, lacquer or varnish before final top coat Buff furniture &amp woodwork - rubs out a high luster finish Clean windows &amp glass without water or cleaners Remove rust from chrome Clean hand tools Product Details Super Fine/Final FinishPack of 16
Part #:506160

000 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 000 Grade- Buff &amp Polish Clean &amp polish stainless steel Remove dried paint drips Prepare surfaces between coats of varnish Use for auto finishing Remove rust spots from chrome Product Details Extra Fine/Buff &amp PolishPack of 16
Part #:506161

00 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 00 Grade- Metal Polish Polish &amp restore old brass, copper &amp aluminum Smooth burns from furniture &amp leather Repair varnished surfaces Clean &amp polish golf clubs Clean grouting between tiles Product Details Very Fine/Metal PolishPack of 16
Part #:506163

1 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 1 Grade-General Purpose Remove wax &amp grease from linoleum &amp rubber surfaces Prepare wall surfaces before painting Clean barbeque grills &amp other household items Clean glass brick Clean whitewall tires with cleaning agent Product Details Medium/General PurposePack of 16
Part #:506164

2 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 2 Grade - Surface Prep Remove scratches &amp burrs from brass &amp copper Clean porcelain insulators &amp wire screens Remove paint from moldings &amp corners Remove lacquer &amp varnish finishes Remove paint from glass &amp tile Product Details Medium Coarse/Surface PrepPack of 16
Part #:506165

3 Grade Steel Wool - 16 Pack 3 Grade-Paint -Varnish Removal Remove paint &amp varnish from floors Clean stone &amp brickface Remove rust from metal &amp tile Strip old paint, varnish and lacquer from wood surfaces Clean garden tools. Product Details Coarse/Varnish RemovalPack of 16
Part #:500988

Multi-Grade Steel Wool - 6 Pack Multi-grade pack Ideal for a wide range of most household chores, hobbies, projects Use for smoothing and finishing, surface preparation and general purpose Product Details Contains two pads each of grades 0, 1 and 3.Pack of 6
Displaying: 1 - 9 of 9 Matching Items