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Technical Specs Item - Primers, Activators, Accelerators and Removers Primer Type Aerosol Can Container Size - Adhesives 25 g Dry Time - Primers, Activators, Accelerators and Removers 30 to 70 sec Cured Color Family Greens Flash Point (F) -4 Degrees F Viscosity 1.2 Specific Gravity 0.79 VOC (%) 1.48 For Use on Adhesive Type Anaerobic Adhesives Application Speeds And Ensures Cure In Inactive Metals Standards ASTM D-5363 For New Designs. NSF-62, CFIA, Mil-S-22473E For Existing Designs, NSF PA Package Quantity 1 Container Type - Adhesives Aerosol Can Color Green Item Primer N 764
Part #:512423

Technical Specs Materials Bonded Fabric, Foam, Plastic, Rubber Container Type - Adhesives Aerosol Can Container Size - Adhesives 16.75 oz Temperature Range - Adhesives Less Than 170 Degrees F Begins to Harden - Adhesives 5 to 15 sec Full Cure Time - Adhesives 5 min Application Bond Headliners, Carpets, Door Panels and More, Trunk Linings Characteristics Alcohol and Antifreeze Solutions, High Strength, High Temperature Spray Adhesive, Note Not Recommended for Parts in Contact with Gasoline, Retains Effective Properties In Contact with Automotive Fluids, Such As Motor Oil, Transmission Fluids Standards VOC Compliant Bonding Range Let dry 15-20 minutes before assembly. Spray both sides to be bonded for maximum strength Type Solvent-Based Aerosol Item Spray Adhesive
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Zep Aero Tac II adhesive provides a fast, strong, permanent bond on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Lace spray pattern reduces soak-in. It bonds to paper, foam, wood, fabric, drywall, brick, concrete, polyethylene, painted surfaces, and all unfinished construction walls. Contains no Chlorinated Solvents. USDA applicable P1. Spray pattern reduces soak-in and provides an extremely high bond on surfaces. Fast evaporating solvents gives the formula very fast tack. Will bond porous surfaces such as paper, foam, fabric, drywall, brick, and concrete. Also bonds plastic, polyethylene and painted surfaces with no degradation of polystyrene. Applying the adhesive to one surface forms a temporary bond which allows repositioning before drying. Formulated with no chlorinated solvents, which many facilities are prohibiting.
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