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Part #:539-85-377
CAT6 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs -100 pk The IDEAL Feed-Thru CAT6 8P8C (eight position/eight contact) modular plug connector is the first feed-thru style connector and tool solution to offer a flush cut of the excess conductor to the face of the modular plug. A patent pending design enables conductors to be cut flush with the end face of the connector when used with the FT-45&trade tool (30-495). The flush cut eliminates inadvertent contact among adjacent conductors or with the mating jack. Conductor spacing is maintained for reliable performance in PoE and data applications. Feed-Thru connectors have several additional advantages and improvements to traditional closed end modular plugs in assembly and termination As conductors feed-thru the connector face, all are visibly inserted far enough to be pierced by the pin below - eliminates short wires or opens. Conductor order can then be verified before the connector is crimped. This elimates wasted connectors, saves time in assembly, and reduces the chances of finding an error during a wiremap test of the cable. The cable can be pushed or pulled into the connector to ensure that the twisted pairs are within 1/4" of the pin contacts and that the jacket is seated beyond the primary strain relief for a secure connection-better NEXT performance, minimal untwisted wires. CAT6 single piece connector, no special assembly or sled &amp liner required help to simplify the assembly process - no measuring or exact cutting required. Same assembly as CAT5e Feed-Thru, just remove the cable spline if present. Feed-Thru 8 position, 8 contact RJ-45 modular plug for 23 AWG CAT6, 100&Omega balanced twisted pair 250 MHz cables. Compatible with most 24 AWG CAT5e cables as well. 50 micro-inch gold plating on contact mating area for long term reliability in connectivity, even after hundreds of mating cycles. Complies with industry standard mechanical and electrical specifications for compatibility with compliant modular jacks and ports. Designed to work seamlessly with IDEAL FT-45&trade Modular Plug Crimp Tool. Also compatible for crimping (no cutting of conductors) in the IDEAL Telemaster&trade crimping tools. Three prong contact design for use with solid or stranded 23-24 AWG insulated copper conductors up to 0.041" in diameter. Accepts outer jacket cable diameters up to .280" Permanent connection - once crimped they cannot be reused Primary strain relief support retains cable jacket and minimizes conductor movement once crimped. Optional external strain relief boots are available.
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