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Efficient, Consistent Performance A powerful split phase reversing AC motor drives the LCR to produce breakaway torque from 150 to 600 in-lbs. DC motors are also available. The design of the Valvcon LCR actuator makes it one of the most cost-effective units on the market today. And because Metso’s Valvcon electric actuators are reliable and inherently low maintenance units (compared with pneumatic alternatives), you’ll realize long-term efficiencies beyond the initial low price. All LCR-Series actuators include a visual position indicator and a holding brake to prevent back driving in butterfly valve, damper and resilient-seated ball valve applications.Strength in Design and Engineering Inside the LCR actuator you’ll find a terminal strip with 12 wiring locations. The simplicity of design provides greater accessibility and actually makes wiring installation easier. The hardened steel spur gear drive train is remarkably efficient, resulting in consistent performance and long life in on/off applications. The manual override is declutchable for positive override ability. And an absolute position indicator is located on the shaft for easy reading. The LCR cover is manufactured from an extremely strong PVC composite material that is resistant to damage and ultraviolet radiation. The enclosure is weatherproof and features a standard ISO-5211 mounting configuration. The low-profile design and direct drive male output make the LCR perfect for applications within limited space environments. Metso also provides a full two year warranty on all mechanical components.Order Code L – Female OutputLCR-Series actuators with the L option are equipped with a 14mm female square output drive instead of the standard male square output drive. The female drive option allows for direct mounting to some valves (see dimensions for further information).:
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Displaying: 1 - 1 of 1 Matching Items