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Superior Double Jacket Municipal Fire Hose800 PSI Test Pressure Our 800 PSIG test all polyester double jacketed EPDM rubber lined fire hose is ideal for high-rise backpacks as well as other municipal firefighting applications. Designed for lightest weight with maximum strength, it meets NFPA requirements for attack, relay and supply line hoses. Available with our Steadfast Coating. Colors Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Tan, Brown and Purple Available in 50, 75, and 100 foot lengths
Part #:512101

Peladowtm melts ice faster than the competition. In the first 20 minutes at 20’F (-7’C) Peladowtm melts approximately:
2X more than rock salt 3X more ice than urea 7X more ice than potassium chloride
Displaying: 1 - 24 of 761 Matching Items